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Choosing An NDIS Provider

HomeCare Australia is a top provider of elderly and disabled care in Australia. HomeCare empowers elderly and disabled people to live independently and remain socially and physically active. We work closely with our clients and their families to provide specialist, individualised care.

HomeCare Australia is a 100% Australian owned company that understands how to care for vulnerable people. Choosing an NDIS provider can be a difficult process, as you have to weigh up a number of factors such as reputation, location, range of services, costs and other considerations.

​These factors all play a role in your decision about who should provide care to you, your clients or your loved ones. With our industry-leading service standard, HomeCare Australia is well-placed to be your preferred choice in providing the care you need.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. HomeCare Australia is a reputable NDIS provider 

HomeCare Australia is registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to provide support for elderly and disabled people. Over the years, we have proved that we have the necessary qualifications, experience and capacity to provide this support.  Find us on the NDIS list of service providers (DGB Group Pty Ltd Trading as HomeCare Australia). Being on this list ensures that we meet the industry standards of care required by law.

Not only does HomeCare Australia meet the requirements needed to be recognised by the government, we go beyond minimum requirements and take our care to a level that offers flexibility and a person centred approach to providing our services, working to achieve client goals and independence.  

2. HomeCare Australia offers services with flexibility and a client focus

Offering services with flexibility means working closely with disabled and elderly clients to ensure their needs are met to maintain their quality of life. It means listening closely to our clients and their families about the goals they want to achieve. It also means having the flexibility to change the services we provide as the needs of our clients change.

Having a client focus means always putting the people we serve first.  Here at HomeCare Australia we put measures in place to ensure that all of our operations and staff are focused on providing quality services to our clients. Our communication channels with clients are always open and we work together with clients and their families. Whether it is maintaining independence, getting back to health, or increasing mobility HomeCare Australia puts the needs of our clients first.

3. HomeCare Australia offers an extensive variety of services that is unmatched

Here at HomeCare Australia it is not only how we deliver our services that set us apart, but also the range of services we offer. HomeCare Australia offers:

- NDIA Services

- Personal Care

- Nursing Care

- Palliative Care

- House and Garden Care

- Domestic Assistance

- Transport Services

- Social Services

- Live-in Care

- Carer Respite

- Hospital discharge support

The variety of services we offer ensure that we are able to cater adequately to the needs of our clients. Our extensive range of services also means that we meet the changing needs of our clients and can provide the type of care that is required for you or your loved ones with ease. Our services are cost-effective, so with HomeCare Australia, you get great quality service that is highly affordable, So whether you are looking for care for you or your loved ones, come talk to us at HomeCare Australia, your trusted NDIS service provider.


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