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Tips For Managing Medications

Tips for Managing Medications                               Stick to the one pharmacist: Having a regular pharmacist is important. They will know your client's past history, be able to consult with the clients local doctor, organise and update Use Webster or blister packs: Ask the pharmacist about packing medication into handy blister or Webster packs. This system allows for safer dispensing and fewer errors.  Use medication reminders: You can purchase medication gadgets that alarm when a medication is due. Medication reminders can help people with memory loss or people on multiple medications at varying times. Create a list of current medications: A doctor or pharmacist can list a person's current medications and what they are for. Keep this list handy and update it regularly.  Understand all medications: Read the consumer medication leaflet inside the medication package, keep them in a file for future reference. 

Know the side effects of medications: Some side effects can be serious, ask your doctor what side effects to expect and when a person should contact a doctor. 

Alert a doctor to over the counter medications and herbal remedies: Some herbal remedies can interact with other medications and can be dangerous.  Request a Home Medicines Review: Ask your doctor to refer you to a pharmacist for a Home Medicines Review. 


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