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Best Practice For A Direct Care Worker

Community service work as a direct care worker is a great and effective way to help our community. What’s nice about it, is you bring people together, you get a chance to give back and you will learn a lot. Serving and giving your time in community services is a commendable endeavor. As they say, by learning and serving all at the same time, one can improve their community and surroundings while learning life lessons and building character in ways that will help them to further impact the world in the future. Providing care to an elderly loved one is a very important task. From helping with daily activities to offering companionship. An in-home caregiver is a wonderful way to keep your senior happy and healthy without detracting from their independence.

Who are direct care workers? Direct care workers provide a range of basic services in the home, including help with bathing, dressing and grooming. Some may help with home management tasks such as grocery shopping and preparing meals, cooking and a lot more.

What do direct care workers do? Direct care workers provide essential help with daily activities. There are many other things that direct care workers might do. It all depends on the job. -A companion for an elderly person who cannot be left alone because of a physical impairment. -Talk with the elders on different topics.  -Help with bathing, dressing, eating, getting in and out of bed or going to the toilet. -Check a person’s temperature, pulse and blood pressure. -Assist people in getting from their beds to wheelchairs. -Help people take their medicine.

Who needs direct care? People of any age may need the assistance of a direct care worker but mostly it is the elders who need assistance especially those who are sick and disabled.

What is the best practice for a direct care worker? Direct care worker should posses a great attitude and behavior in dealing with elders.

- Positive mental attitude This is a very important attribute of a direct care worker. One should have a positive mental attitude. Someone who always has a smile, laugh and is hopeful in all aspects in life.

- Patience If a direct care worker doesn't have patience then this work is not for you. Working as direct care worker is not an easy task to do.. Direct care giver should be aware of their actions and thoughts and how these impact the person being cared for.

- Compassion This is your motivation or desire to help. Compassionate care is the best form of care, as it allows elderly individuals to understand that   their caregiver recognizes their challenges but is committed to helping them overcome any obstacles. - Caring and Loving  A caring and loving attitude sets direct care workers apart Direct care workers should always try to step into the hoes f their clients to gain an understanding of how the elders feel.

Best care giver attitude:

- Should always smile

- Be enthusiastic

- Greet people courteously

- Be humble and open-minded

- Show commitment

- Provide care without judgment

- Be open and honest with your communication with the office

“ It Is Not How Much You Do, But How Much Love You Put Into The Doing “

Christmas Is Fast Approaching…

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year! 


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