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Aged Care Reforms effective December 1, 2023

As of December 1, 2023, significant changes have been introduced with the new Aged Care reforms. You may notice your case managers and our team adopting new procedures as we align with these changes. We are updating our policies, systems, and processes to ensure a smooth transition and continued support for you.

Key Components of the Aged Care Reforms

Consumer Advisory Body In September 2023, HomeCare Australia established a consumer advisory body to formally seek feedback from all our clients. We sent a letter detailing the results and the changes made based on your feedback. Moving forward, we will reach out for your feedback bi-annually, in March/April and September each year, and report the findings and recommendations to the Board. This process helps us meet your needs effectively while complying with government requirements. We appreciate your valuable input.

We have more information regarding the Consumer advisory body coming to you in your HomeCare Australia newsletters.

Quality Care Advisory Body As part of the reforms, we must report to the Government and Board on various aspects of your clinical care, such as falls data, GP visits, and annual health reviews. Your care manager will ask you health-related questions each month to gather this data. Additionally, we are required to appoint a clinical expert to the Board, who will advise our case managers on clinical issues.

Board of Directors Legislation now mandates that all aged care providers with over 45 clients have a Board of Directors. This board is responsible for ensuring the quality of care provided, including clinical and personal care, and support for daily living. Our Board of Directors will meet quarterly to oversee compliance with Aged Care legislation and reforms.

Meet Our Board of Directors

  • Gaynor Lowndes – Chief Executive Officer, overseeing day-to-day operations.

  • Nathan Nevell – Company Lawyer, ensuring legal compliance.

  • Michelle Fleming – Registered Nurse and clinical expert in aged care, overseeing the Quality Care Advisory Body and providing clinical advice.

  • Darren McInerney – Accountant and IT specialist, ensuring our IT systems meet compliance needs.

  • Trish O’Donnell – Long-term business member since 2011, representing the consumer’s voice on the Board and managing the collection of consumer advisory body data.

We are dedicated to supporting you with these new reforms and appreciate your cooperation as we implement these changes. Stay tuned for more updates and helpful information in our weekly newsletter.

Gaynor Lowndes Chief Executive Officer, HomeCare Australia


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