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Effective Case Management: From A USA Perspective

We strive for a client-driven approach in our case management practices and keep up-to-date in the latest trends in Australia and around the world to ensure that we are delivering the best service possible.

In Australia, the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency has standards for aged care services that cover four areas:

- Management systems, staffing and organisational development;

- Health and personal care;

- Care recipient lifestyle; and

- Physical environment and safety systems.

The USA's New Credentials for Case Management in Long Term Services and SupportsRecently, the United States' National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) began awarding accreditations for Case Management in Long Term Services and Supports Distinction in the US. The NCQA guidelines for this accreditation are rigorous and include 11 quality standard measures. The goals of the program in the US caregiving sector are to increase efficiencies, integrate better care, provide client-centric care and support local contracting needs. The quality standards of the accreditation program cover 11 key areas that must be met for service provider excellence:

- Up-to-date evidence and professional standards in case management development and programming;

- Regular and systemised client assessments;

- Client-centric planning and monitoring;

- Managing and preventing unplanned care transitions;

- Ensuring systems are in place for program management and improvement;

- Ensuring ongoing staff training and comprehensive oversight;

- Ensuring patients' rights and responsibilities are communicated in case management; and

- Ensuring proper documentation and oversight of functions that are delegated to other service organisations.

This new accreditation program focuses on pushing caregiving service providers to provide the highest quality caregiving services and in delivering consistent client care across the country. These goals align with our thinking and approach at Homecare Australia, and even without the benefit of government regulation to that effect, we have been integrating these ideas into our work.

HomeCare Australia strongly believes in innovation and continued learning. We strive to deliver superior care that not only meets Australian practice standards, but also best practice around the world. As a result, we ensure that we are always in the know about the latest trends and practice recommendations in other countries. Our goal is to integrate best in practice ideas and proven methods to maintain effective case management practices  and deliver the most effective care for our clients.


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