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As part of the aged care reforms, HomeCare Australia is required to set up a consumer advisory body that reports on quality of care to the board. We take regular feedback from all our clients and this will be collated and form part of the reporting on consumers needs to the board.

Changes are being made to the way aged care services are governed. These are known as the Strengthening Provider Governance reforms. 

One change is the requirement for approved aged care providers to offer consumers and their representatives the opportunity to establish a Consumer Advisory Body.  HomeCare Australia will contact all care recipients and ask them if they wish to participate in the surveys.

Joining a Consumer Advisory Body is a way to have your concerns and suggestions heard by the people who govern your service.

How will it work? 

A Consumer Advisory Body’s role is to give consumer feedback to your service’s governing body. 

The governing body must consider all feedback from the Consumer Advisory Body when making decisions. The governing body will also tell the Consumer Advisory Body in writing how it considered this feedback.

Twice per year you will receive a letter from us telling you have we have used your feedback to improve.

The surveys are completed in March and September each year, however we welcome feedback at any time. Please provide feedback by completing the survey on our website.

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provide feedback

We welcome and value your feedback and action it immediately. If there is anything you would like us to address or improve, or our favourite, share something you love about us, please complete the form below.


The CEO is aware of all feedback and complaints working with the team to resolve all issues to the satisfaction of all parties. We record feedback in our operations meeting agenda for discussion each morning and your Care Manager will communicate the action plan.

Clients can provide this via telephone, email to or via the form below. 

PHONE - 1300 769 620

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

If you are not satisfied with how we have responded to your feedback or issues you can contact the NDIS or Aged Care via the links below.

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