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Changes To Australia’s Aged Care System After February 2017

From February 2017, how the aged care system is managed in Australia will undergo some transformation. While some of the changes will mean doing some things in  completely new ways, others will simply improve existing systems. At HomeCare Australia, we are committed to providing the best home care services for the elderly and disabled. In order to continue to provide  exceptional assistance to those in need and make a tangible difference to the quality of life of our Clients, we have already put measures in place to ensure that our practices continue to align with legislation, and even in many ways, surpass the requirements. Below is a rundown of some of the changes to expect post-February 2017 and how HomeCare Australia is adapting to these changes.

Eligibility for Aged Care Packages

Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs) will remain in deciding the eligibility of aged care packages using a comprehensive framework. A person’s eligibility will now be given a specific package level (from 1-4) and any broad-banding  of levels has been removed. The starting point for all assessments is MyAged Care. As a result, HomeCare Australia will have an exact

understanding of our customer’s aged care package level when they join us and we will be in a better position to provide customised care and cater to the ongoing needs of our clients.

Prioritisation of Consumers

A national system is being implemented to prioritise consumers eligible for aged care. There will be a consistent approach to how My Aged Care is managed and a waiting list and prioritisation process will be implemented.

HomeCare Australia, as an approved provider, has always prioritised the needs of our Clients. With these changes, will be able to provide even better support to Clients assigned a package with us through My Aged Care. We will be able to collaborate with our clients more closely and have a better understanding of their individual needs. We can also package private services whilst the client is waiting for funded services. Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

From February 2017 all home care packages are to be delivered on a CDC basis, with an emphasis on independence and choice for consumers. CDC has already been at the forefront of our care services at HomeCare Australia. We collaborate extensively with our Clients and their families to help them set and achieve goals that promote good health, independence and mobility for our clients.  We take pride in continuing to put the needs of our Clients at the forefront of every decision and doing everything we can to help them achieve their goals. HomeCare Australia will continue to operate our person‑centred approach to CDC.

Mobility in Aged Care Packages

We believe the most exciting change is portability of packages. That means that new clients receiving packages will be able to select their provider.  It also means that aged care packages will become transferable across home care providers. So those clients that are unhappy with their current provider CAN CHANGE.

HomeCare Australia  will ensure that an easy, stress-free process is in place to  welcome new Clients who transfer into our care, and to support them in every way possible to ensure a smooth transition to our care and a continuation of their aged care package. And in the unlikely event that any Clients wish to transfer their care packages from us, we will provide the same level of support and assistance to ensure a smooth transition. 

Streamlined Home Care Standards

Changes are being implemented to streamline quality control standards nationally across the aged care sector. HomeCare Australia welcomes standardised quality control, as it will enhance the integrity, reliability and trust placed in our industry. HomeCar Australia already has stringent quality control standards in place and welcome changes that will raise the bar of aged care in Australia across the board. We are committed to continuing in our quest to remain client centred throughout the exciting times ahead. Please contact us to discuss your or your loved one's needs further.


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