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Building Resilient Teams

We all want to be healthy. We want to live longer. We want to have better lives. But sometimes, things do not go the way we want and we may find ourselves relying on others. For our clients, this means relying on caregivers to help them live the best possible lives they can, while going through some tough challenges. It is important to them that the caregivers who take care of them are not themselves so overwhelmed and

stressed out that they are unable to provide the level of care they should. At HomeCare Australia, we strive to avoid such a situation by building resilience in our employees, ensuring they have the mental, physical and emotional resilience required to support our clients adequately.

In this regard, we focus on four main features: 

We Keep Tasks and Goals Simple A caregiver whose task is simpler performs better. A caregiver who concentrates on caring for the client will likely perform better than a caregiver who has to care for the patient and perform administrative tasks simultaneously.By letting our employees focus on a particular task and goal at a given time we create a highly resilient team.

We Are Allies, Not Critics

Knowing that your team leader supports you makes you a better worker, and so we provide our staff with all the support they need to do a good job. Where there are mistakes, we work together to correct those mistakes in a friendly way.   Supervisors are encouraged to cultivate this quality, so that caregivers and other employees see their supervisor as an ally that is there to help provide better quality service to the client. This boosts morale and puts them in a better frame of mind to perform well. An organization where fear thrives cannot be resilient.  

We Resolve Issues Together

In every organisation, conflicts are bound to arise. And even though there are times when only one employee is to blame, we believe that pointing fingers does not resolve issues and so we strive to resolve any challenges together as a team. This extends beyond conflict; sometime a caregiver may face difficulty in working with their client or feel the weight of the responsibility. We encourage team members to speak up so that we can help one another. By promoting this kind of communal spirit, we help our team to become more resilient in their jobs.

We Give a Sense of Control

We believe that a bit of freedom and a bit of guidance is a good work strategy. A team member who feels s/he has control over things will perform better, and when team members take accountability, they become more aware of their job performance. With our employees, we implement this strategy of promoting both freedom and guidance simultaneously and this helps us to be a more resilient team together. We know that our clients value the care that we provide and it is our desire to continue to provide such care for a long time to come.  Because resilience is such a key factor in being able to achieve this desire, we are working daily to make sure that our team members are resilient and are truly able to provide the kind of care our clients need.


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