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Consumer Directed Care: HomeCare Australia’s Approach To Care

There is an unfortunate tendency in today’s world for Aged and Disability Care service providers to take a one-size-fits-all, generic approach to the care and treatment of the elderly and the disabled in our society.The result is that the elderly and disabled are

often robbed of their personal identity, self determination and dignity. A far better approach is to adopt Consumer Directed Care.

Consumer Directed Care – A Better Approach

Though much talked about, Consumer Directed Care (CDC) does not have one firm definition. Rather, it is a concept that is centred around the idea that people should receive care that is personalised to their specific needs, and be supported to set goals, identify and utilise their own strengths and abilities in the best way possible, in order to live independent and fulfilling lives.

While CDC is a fundamentally different approach to care, it is one that we at Homecare Australia are very familiar with. In fact, it is deeply entrenched in the way we do things and has shaped our approach since inception. 

HomeCare Australia’s Approach To Consumer Directed Care ​

CDC involves working together with the elderly, the disabled and their families to create and achieve personal goals that matter to them. It also focuses on their strengths. Whether they aspire towards independence, improved health, mobility or progress, HomeCare Australia helps them to achieve that, and we help them identify and properly utilise their

strengths to achieve their goals. In addition, our focus on CDC means that our customers are able to take on a level of involvement that suits them, as we work with them to create individually customised care packages. Whether customers want a limited role, or want to be involved in every step along the way, HomeCare Australia caters for this. There are reviews at least once a year to ensure the needs of those cared for are constantly being met. We take deep pride in implementing this person-centred and strength-based approach. For us, it means putting all our focus and energy into what customers want and can do, rather than focusing on what is beyond their capability. Focusing on strengths allows HomeCare to provide excellent care that inspires, supports and ultimately contributes to a better quality of life for customers. We help them see the strength in themselves and to realise they are neither incapable nor at the mercy of others. They can be active participants in their own care and make their own choices. Another way in which Homecare Australia implements CDC is through individually customized budgets for customers. Complete transparency is provided in the financial process, making sure there is clarity in what funding is available and how those funds are apportioned so that customers can make informed decisions based on their personal circumstances. 

Communication: A Critical Aspect Of Consumer Directed Care

Having open channels of communication is an extremely important aspect of operating with a person-centred approach. We understand that client’s needs change as circumstances change and HomeCare Australia strive to create an environment where constant communication provides for adjustments to be made, when and where necessary. CDC is all about providing choice for customers; choice that balances a need for independence with providing professional services when and where they are required. HomeCare Australia is committed to providing best practice care by supportive and caring professionals.


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